Ferguson Mann Architects and Barnwood Trust joined together this week to celebrate the opening of Overton House in Cheltenham.

FMA renovated the Victorian villa to create a new, accessible workspace for Barnwood Trust and a central headquarters for the mental health and disability charity. The outcome is a workplace which features a hierarchy of attractive and convivial rooms and legible spaces with the regency interiors revived and given new life.

FMA Project Architect Nicola Lewis said,

“Overton House had seen many alterations to the building over the decades so stripping out the redundant unsuccessful interventions was vital in order to create the generous, open spaces, befitting of the Barnwood Trust’s vision for their new home. This allowed the rooms to be restored to their original Regency scale, enabling visitors and staff to move freely within the building, and providing opportunity to pause and enjoy the spaces and views.”

Read more about the project here.

Photograph by Stefanie Calleja-Gera at Barnwood Trust