Creating successful urban and rural environments cuts across many diverse areas of knowledge and experience. Our strong track record of envisioning and subsequent masterplanning is underpinned by what creates good Place Making.

We understand the need for; a sense of place, connectivity with the past, conditions that begin to enable economic and social sustainability, the need for appropriate physical connectivity, and the creation of a strong urban framework, where the public realm is clearly formed. Streets and squares are the tools for our work as we apply robust design solutions, always following good urban design practice.

  • Visioning studies
  • Spatial Masterplanning
  • Masterplanning contributions to Neighbourhood Development Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design and Access Statements
  • Development Briefs
  • Design, Street and Building Codes
  • Architectural Studies
  • Character Appraisal
  • Community Consultation
  • Public Realm Strategies
  • School and Estate Development plans
  • Outline Planning Applications