Access study and access improvements to the centrepiece of one of the most significant and sensitive historic sites in Europe.

The Roman Baths and Pump Rooms is Grade I Listed and an ancient monument. The complex has national and international significance as a monument, and still acts as a major economic and symbolic engine in the modern Bath, attracting in excess of one million visitors annually.

Ferguson Mann Architects were commissioned to create proposals for improved access to the visitor attraction, whilst also enhancing the experience of visiting and understanding the museum exhibits.

We felt that it was crucial that any contributions to the degree of accessibility of the complex should have a positive impact on the monument and provide a seamless journey through the museum and other facilities that would be almost be unnoticed by visitors. This was done by creating proposals that included a number of innovative ideas to improve access, and suggestions for under-utilised areas to be brought into beneficial use that would add both commercial and educational value.

The study approached the challenge of access holistically in a way that complimented the philosophies underlying the Disability Discrimination Act and so that consensus could be built amongst the many interested parties. The study also reconsidered past improvement works and sought to simplify the whole complex to reveal the significance of some of the historic features in a more emphatic way.

The improvements to the environment and access in the Temple Precinct, was completed in 2007.