A new swimming pool building as a residential extension for a private client.

Ferguson Mann Architects were asked to design a new indoor swimming pool within a small pavilion building located within the garden of a Grade II Listed house.

The new building is sited within the lower levels of a courtyard garden, immediately alongside the north elevation of the main house. The pool building was envisaged as a standalone structure with direct access to the main house enabling the client to utilise the pool in all weather.

The building is seen as a contemporary addition yet remaining ‘low key’ given its close proximity to the house and position within the courtyard landscape. The proposal is well integrated within the re-modelled terraces of the steeply sloping courtyard which existed there already. The design made use of, and extended, rubble stone retaining walls and added the dark grey slate stone wall as a new element. The new reconfigured minor terraces are formed by a series of cascading planted beds clad in Yorkstone and a Koi Carp pond lined with slate sits within one of the terraces and echoes the swimming pool beyond.

The envelope of the building meets high thermal performance criteria allowing a fully conditioned interior with the pool water heating being supplemented by a solar thermal array installed discretely on the roof of the main house. The slate-lined pool is 4m x 12m in size and of consistent depth with an ‘infinity’ end set within the glazed box that enables the swimmer unobstructed views through to the garden and up to the sky above. The large areas of frameless glazing allow the interior of the building to be flooded with natural light, whilst also providing views out into the garden landscape and beyond.