Improvements to the access, signage and legibility of both Newport Indoor Market and the adjacent Victorian Covered Market.

The Victorian Newport Covered Market sits behind a Grade II Listed department store, the Royal Chambers that contains the Indoor Market. The Royal Chambers, which houses office space and residential accommodation on the upper levels, featured a poor 1980s canopy which had damaged the elevations of the original building and created an uninviting drab main entrance to both the Indoor and Victorian Covered markets off the High Street. The direct route leading visitors from the street to the Indoor Market had been lost due to series of previous alterations.

To restore the shop fronts to their original design, set back doorways were included with a sequence of retractable awnings designed such that they would not be out of place with original Victorian awnings found elsewhere on the High Street. The awnings help create a café atmosphere in the street and help to encourage greater footfall throughout the day, assisting the overall regeneration of the area.

“Ferguson Mann’s expertise in listed buildings is a matter of record…they have acted with diplomacy, patience, competence and a lot of stamina.”

– Eric Brooks-Dowsett, Henstaff Construction

By removing the 1980s canopy, the elevations of the Royal Chambers were re-exposed, and restored to their original design. Appropriate shop-fronts were installed at the front of the building, and a direct route created through the Royal Chambers to the Victorian Market beyond.

From the newly created entrance a bold curved wall defines the route through from the High Street to the Victorian Market whilst an 8m tall finger post marks the entrance along with a hovering ‘halo’ sign to invite people in. The route through to the Victorian Market takes one past the new reordered retail spaces of the Indoor Market which are now arranged around a central court space with seating space for people to meet rest and eat.

The market was formally opened by the Mayor of Newport on 14th November 2014.