A development of 14 townhouses, two mews houses and three apartments in Bedminster, South Bristol.

Ferguson Mann Architects were commissioned to design 12 terraced four-bedroom houses on to the main street and two mews type maisonettes to the rear of the site. One of the defining features of the local area was the regular pattern provided by the Edwardian terraced houses in the surrounding streets which we knew we had to integrate with.

Other contextual features that impacted our design included the existing stone wall that defines the street boundary. We decided to design the mews houses that sit at this part of the site so that they could inhabit part of this wall whilst also being set-back to form an entrance courtyard. From the exterior, the upper floor of the mews houses is designed as a contemporary white rendered object that sits behind and above the stone wall.

‘Love the high ceilings, it’s something you notice straightaway and is something I never imagined we would have in a new build, it makes each room feel big and spacious. The windows are great too, we love how light it is, including the sun pipe – it really does work.’ – resident, March 2018

The design, materials and detailing of the townhouses are crisp and modern however the form and rhythm of the terrace is contextual, taking cues from, but not mimicking, the terraces of the area. The terrace of four-bedroom houses are designed as a contemporary interpretation of the surrounding vernacular houses.

The houses are designed to meet Code for Sustainable Homes level 04 and 20% of the energy usage is generated on site.