A new multipurpose hall serving reception years, accommodating upto 60 children in a dining configuration.

We were asked to design a new multi-use space for use by the Littlemead Primary Academy reception year classes.  The school has a roll of around 450 pupils on a generous site that has allowed accommodation to all be single storey.  This has led to significant travel distances being created between some departments and the shared facilities, especially for the reception years.  The new hall allows the reception years facilities to be more centralised, cuts travel around the campus saving time in the school day and making for a safer less threatening environment for the youngest members of the school community.

The plan of the school allowed us to add the new hall as a space that naturally opens off an existing circulation space leading to the reception years teaching spaces.  A mono pitched roof with deep eaves incorporates a generous bay window space that looks eastwards across the playground.  Low window cills with deep reveals allow the space to have a lovely relationship with the outside spaces, a place to sit and watch the outside world.  Warm afternoon sunlight is captured by a range of west facing clearstory windows positioned to allow the suns rays to fall naturally across the descending ceiling of the hall as it reduces its volume to be of a friendly scale for its young occupants!

Internal acoustic windows connect the hall with the busyness of the corridor route adjacent.  Storage for furniture is provided within the depth of the walls with the generous main double doors folding back flush into the reveals of this deep wall allowing safe uncluttered passage during the hustle and bustle of changing classes.