Short-listed entry for the first English Partnerships’ ‘Carbon Challenge’ competition, a scheme for 185 dwellings achieving Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

A sustainable mixed-use development on the site of the former Hanham Hall Hospital in Bristol. An essential part of the brief was to provide new dwellings that exceed Level 6 of the Code, resulting in a ‘zero carbon’ footprint, and to convert Hanham Hall itself into apartments, thereby ensuring the future of this fine Listed building.

The proposals aim to bring sustainable living into the mainstream by balancing the need to achieve zero carbon with that of good place-making. It thus achieves a suitably dense layout, comprised of streets and squares, which embraces a reduced dependence on the car by delivering pedestrian-friendly shared surface streets.

A contemporary take on recognised housing forms encompasses green technology as an integral part of the design. Key aspirations are for all dwellings to have flexible and open plan living spaces receiving direct sunlight, south-facing outdoor space and a high level of natural light within the plan.

A pedestrian-focussed ‘active’ landscape is integral to the proposals and includes a trim track, substantial tree planting, orchards, allotments and three new ponds as part of a sustainable drainage system.

Commercial accommodation is sited around The Triangle, a public space located to the east of Hanham Hall, and comprises a health and fitness centre which includes teaching kitchens, bakery, delicatessen, farmers market, fitness space, creche and general business space.