A large, new traditional country house near Bath, of a design and quality that enhances its setting and built to last for generations.

Set in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Green Belt, the house replaces a dilapidated farmhouse and agricultural buildings.

This new family home combines traditional materials and detailing with a low carbon? energy strategy that includes bio-mass boiler, solarthermal, wind turbine, heat recovery, high thermal mass and high levels of insulation.

The house is on three levels comprising the main house and a secondary ‘wing’ containing swimming, and support functions that steps down the hillside to the north. Materials include locally sourced fine ashlar stone walls, natural limestone roof tiles and high-quality joinery.

The landscape design contributes to the local landscape character of isolated farmsteads, copses and hedgerows with drystone walls and park railings defining fields, woods and gardens.  It includes extensive tree planting, the introduction of some water elements and a number of modest out buildings appropriate to the service of such an estate.